Port and mining machinery - container cranes
Equipement portuaire et minier - grues pour conteneurs
Maquinaria para puertos y minas - gruas de contenedores
Penanganan Kontainer Derek

High quality mechanical and electrical components for container and heavy duty cranes

fabricated Sheaves

Sheaves: High performance and made to measure.

IRUGASA is the sales representative for GOSAN. With over 30 years experience and a yearly production of over 21,000 sheaves per year, we offer reliable and safe sheaves manufactured to measure according to the customer's requirements. Sheave diameters range from 0.5m to 6.5m, and specifications can include forged grooves, copper brushings, hardened grooves (from 220Hb to 450Hb), installation holes and any kind of painting, coating and finishing. If required API or other certification is obtained for off-shore and special applications.

couplings for cranes

Couplings: Barrel and convex teeth barrel couplings.

Irugasa provides made to measure barrel couplings and convex teeth barrel couplings for heavy duty and harbor cranes. We provide high quality couplings for the toughest working condition working machines.

Hook and hookblocks for cranes

Hook and Hookblocks: a complete range from 0.5 to 1800Tn.

Irugasa can provide single and double forged hooks and hook blocks with lifting capacities ranging from 0.5Tn to 1,800Tn, all pieces are manufactured according to DIN-15400 standard and the customers required working group.

festoon systems for cranes

Festoon systems: reliable and durable.

IRUGASA is the sales representative for IGA - Industrias Galarza, S.A., offering high quality cable trolleys and festoon systems. Each system is made to measure to suit the design of a particular crane or machinery including standard cranes, harbor cranes, stackers and reclaimers, unloaders, airport fingers etc. With supply single, or multiple layered trolleys, with speeds ranging from 50m/minute to 240m/minute. The systems can come as standalone parts or as an electrical pack with bussbar line and cables.

Other crane components

Other crane components.

IRUGASA also offers a wide range of new and second hand crane parts including mechanical, electric and electronic components. Whether you are looking for casted or forged steel, steel structural elements, motors, drives, engines, cables, digital encoders or any other part you need let us help you source them!